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LIFE Community Network

3705769012?profile=RESIZE_710xWelcome to our site, a place we can come together & strive to maintain a positive & caring environment for social interactions. A place without politics, a place of love, acceptance, peace & caring. A place we can see & hear about loving/caring stori

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Awarding of LIFE/LOVE Points:

There are several methods to earn LIFE/LOVE Points

  • Join the network & sponsor an individual in need
  • Become a business sponsor of the LIFE Community Project
  • Become a sponsor of one of the upcoming LOVE Projects


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LIFE Community Network Sponsorship

75795284?profile=RESIZE_710xAs a method to help create more involvement within a community & help local causes while supporting local businesses, we have created the LIFE Community Sponsorship.

The LIFE Community Sponsorship, a paid membership of $60/year that directly sponsors

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