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3717139377?profile=RESIZE_710x Our main goal, to create a sustainable funding model for the LIFE Community Project while keeping advertising off of the primary site for running the project.

We decided to operate & maintain 2 different sites to achieve these goals.

LIFE - Love Is For Everyone site & the Just Community Networks site. Each site compliments the other with a network of groups/pages for each individual community.

The LIFE - Love Is For Everyone site is dedicated to running the project while creating an environment that is positive, ad-free, accepting & loving to all! 

The Just Community Networks provides ad space for the promotion of the wonderful sponsors of the LIFE Community Project while creating additional benefits for our communities. With free listings for businesses/events/food/drink specials/products/services/artists within the individual communities, supporting locally is another focus for us. 

We have created some amazing benefits for those who join each of the websites as a member. You can join, have a basic profile for yourself & will be able to interact with the content posted through each of the networks. You will also be able to easily share the content from the sites that are public to your own social networks helping raise awareness of our efforts.

We love to give back, we will be holding free draws in the near future, each member will automatically have their name entered into the draw. If you join as a member of the LIFE - Love Is For Everyone network & the Just Community Network, your name will be entered into the draw twice, once for each of the networks you joined. We will not allow multiple profiles for individuals & those caught creating more than 1 profile on each of the networks, will have their names removed from the draws & all multiple profiles deleted. Within each of the community networks, you will find posts from time to time that will let you know how you can increase your chances in the draw. 

If you would like to discover more about promotion of your business by becoming a sponsor of the LIFE Community Project, CLICK HERE for more details.

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