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LIFE Community Network

LIFE Community Network

Welcome to our site, a place we can come together & strive to maintain a positive & caring environment for social interactions. A place without politics, a place of love, acceptance, peace & caring. A place we can see & hear about loving/caring stories from our community, about people helping others & ways we can become more involved in simple efforts to help others. The message & hope is to bring more love into this world, if we come together & practice simple acts of love each & every day we are changing the world for the better. Take action & spread more love, there are so many ways we can take simple actions each day, share & come together to create more acts based on love.

We have some basic requirements within this network, we will enforce these basic rules.

1- You must respect others, their opinions & views even when they do not align with yours.

2- Only loving, caring, positive comments & posts. We can have constructive discussions with love & respect, warnings will be issued & repeated violators will be removed from the network.

3- We are here to interact with acceptance, we are here to show love & spread more love!

Please visit the LOVE Projects blog, a great way we can come together & create a sustainable effort to help those most in need within our communities.

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