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LIFE Community Network Sponsorship

75795284?profile=RESIZE_710xAs a method to help create more involvement within a community & help local causes while supporting local businesses, we have created the LIFE Community Sponsorship.

The LIFE Community Sponsorship, a paid membership of $60/year that directly sponsors an individual in need. As the membership increases so does the support created for the individuals sponsored. We love to give back so all members earn LIFE & Love Points each month for being a member. All sponsors of the LIFE Community Project automatically become members & earn points as well. 

LIFE & LOVE Points are earned by members as a loyalty reward for continued participation within the network or sponsorship of the LIFE Community Project they are involved with. We have created a method for steady & continual growth for the LIFE Community Network through new LOVE Projects that can be sponsored.

Why LIFE Points:

  • As a reward for your involvement & to help create a sustainable effort we award members LIFE points that can be converted into a gift certificate for great local businesses.
  • You are being rewarded in a method that is going to help our local economy, supporting local small businesses.
  • The more you participate the more you are rewarded.

Why LOVE Points:

  • Being able to show some love towards a great organization that is providing direct & positive benefits for our community, a special kind of reward for you that will help benefit our community.
  • As an additional reward for participation, LOVE points you have received can be converted into a donation to one of the great local causes listed within your community or a gift certificate from a local small business for the cause. It is your choice who you award the LOVE points to & the type of benefit the cause gets from you showing a little love towards them.

LIFE & LOVE Points do not expire, you can accumulate them until you wish to convert them into gift certificates or donations.

Please check out the other posts for more details about the LIFE & LOVE points

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