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Awarding of LIFE/LOVE Points:

There are several methods to earn LIFE/LOVE Points

  • Join the network & sponsor an individual in need
  • Become a business sponsor of the LIFE Community Project
  • Become a sponsor of one of the upcoming LOVE Projects

Each method awards you points based on your level within the program & your level also governs the assistance of sponsorship. As more members join & support for the projects occurs, existing members & sponsors move up through the levels & funding increases for the programs sponsored. 

There are amazing benefits awarded with each level, each participant will be notified when they have been awarded a new level within the Network & will continue to be awarded the benefits each month until the next level is awarded. LIFE & LOVE Points can be accumulated from month to month & do not expire. Individuals can have multiple sponsorships based on participation within the various LOVE Projects.

The benefits are small at first but grow substantially & with each level so do the benefits for our communities!

Level 1

  • 10 LIFE Points Awarded
  • 6 LOVE Point Awarded
  • $16 Funding Towards Program

Level 2

  • 40 LIFE Points Awarded
  • 30 LOVE Points Awarded
  • $70 Funding Towards Program

Level 3

  • 150 LIFE Points Awarded
  • 140 LOVE Points Awarded
  • $250 Funding Towards Program

Level 4

  • 500 LIFE Points Awarded
  • 300 Love Points Awarded
  • $800 Funding Towards Program


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