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Sustainable Solutions


We are setting ourselves apart from other groups/organizations through the creation of a self-sustaining funding method! We designed the entire concept to not only provide direct funding to our Love Projects but to reward our amazing volunteers & sponsors.

With an amazing reach & engagement developing through the Just Community Networks, our wonderful sponsors will not only directly fund their chosen initiative but will also reward those within the initiative through LIFE/LOVE Points. As we grow so does the benefits created with the LIFE/LOVE Points generating a growing & sustainable funding model. In time a sponsor will generate more LIFE/LOVE Points than their cost as a sponsor, how is that for a sustainable model. As an added benefit for those within the initiatives, imagine one day being able to retire & generate enough LIFE/LOVE Points to cover all your bills & much more!

We will be providing additional funding options for local small businesses through providing their gift certificates for sale through our network generating a modest 10% revenue for the chosen initiative when ordering the gift certificate from the local small business. We believe in being fair with local small businesses, not demanding high % rates for our promotion & sales of gift certificates. 

With FREE listings for businesses within the community network, what a great way to help out those local small businesses that are struggling with marketing/advertising of their business. Providing free listings & sharing the content across our 6 different social networks for each community directly help support the backbone of our community, the small business. Those wishing to increase their reach & engagement will have opportunities to sponsor various initiatives or Love Projects within their community.

Those wishing to help fund various initiatives with a donation, we really encourage participation within the LIFE Community Network Sponsorship or one of the Love Projects but will accept donations through e-transfer to or visit any one of the LIFE Rally Events within your community.

 Without a sustainable funding model, we would rely on donations/grants that are becoming harder & harder to get with the political atmosphere also effecting grants & donations. With our unique funding model, we are able to secure a reliable stream of income to fund our Love Projects that give back to our communities in multiple ways.



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