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Researching For Growing In My Kitchen

I have been working on a few long-term projects to create more benefits for those most in need. One of the projects is learning what it takes to start growing fresh vegetables and herbs in a small space year-round.


I live in an apartment with limited space, for growing I have set aside a 2.5 x 5 ft space in my kitchen for growing. 

In the last couple of years, I have grown yellow beans, tomatoes, lettuce, basil and carrots. With the tomatoes, basil and yellow beans I have saved seeds from each & planted a second crop with the saved seeds with great success. 

I will be starting to share the second part of this great journey with you now. With this next step, I will be planting an amount of basil that I will share with 1-2 other individuals that would like fresh basil. Those individuals that I will be sharing with will be those most in need. This sharing fresh basil will be the start, sharing with those same individuals I plan on expanding to other fresh herbs & vegetables providing them with an added source of nutrition & great flavour for their food. There are a great many individuals who do not have the ability for themselves. As I work out more details about the entire process I will be inviting others that may be interested in the same for others. Working together we can achieve great things, we can individually make a small difference but as we come together, a growing difference one individual at a time.  

I will be starting to share pictures at different stages of plant growth and share more thoughts about this part of my journey. I hope that you find value in sharing this and helping to create more love and compassion for all.

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