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Their Opportunity


Their Opportunity exists to provide low-income families with the means to enroll their children in local sports and recreation programs. By alleviating the financial costs of enrollment fees, children can develop the confidence, social skills and healthy lifestyle attainable through sport.

There are two major things that make us unique as a children's charity. Firstly, is the way we handle our donations and disbursements. What ever money we raise in a particular region stays in that region unless otherwise ear-marked.
Secondly, and most importantly, is our mandatory give-back program in which each child sponsored by our charity is required to “pay-it-forward” in some charitable way within their community within 3 months of receiving funding. For example if we sponsor your son or daughter they must within a year, volunteer at something like a soup kitchen or retirement home as their way of giving back to their community as a way of saying thanks and understanding the power of giving.

50 Simcoe St. N Oshawa

(905) 444-9992



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