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A Great Weekend

10334986260?profile=RESIZE_180x180Over the course of the weekend, I managed to finalize a few details for the fundraising efforts that will be starting in the coming days. New t-shirt designs that will be great for the FREE HUGS EVENTS I am hosting. Join me each Sunday from 1-2 PM at Memorial Park here in Oshawa. This was the second week I have been out with the events, we had a couple of people stop their cars to run out to get a hug, the smiles and joy it brings... a lot of fun for all and many hugs were given!10335076890?profile=RESIZE_180x180

Will have to make a couple more signs for next week to add to the FREE HUGS, watch for more posts about the great loving activities that will join each of the FREE HUGS events. I have been working on an Online Free Necessities Initiative to provide more assistance to those most in need. I have been working with local small businesses that provide Zero-Waste options we can use for some of the necessities. 

10335215692?profile=RESIZE_180x180 Not only are we working on reducing waste, with regular access in a loving and caring method we have proven that those in need will take what they need and not take everything that they can take out of fear of not having the items in the future. The free hugs events will be one of the ways that those most in need can connect with a LIFE Community Partner to start participating in regular access to necessities. With weekly access, we will be able to have some of the items returned to us so that we can in turn clean and refill the containers further reducing waste and less packaging. 


Over the years I have seen those with allergies having to suffer, those that are vegan go without because food and products do not fit with their personal choices, again suffering in silence. We can do better for those most in need, I aim to address some of these issues by focusing on the individual, working with the individual 1 on 1 working on their needs and issues that are important to them. As a LIFE Community Partner, you will also be able to address clothing needs as well for those you end up working with. I will be announcing more about the Online Free Clothing Initiative in the coming days but will still be a couple of weeks before I am able to get that started.

I am now focusing on love and caring activities leaving behind the negativity, it is bringing a lot more joy and happiness. Not focusing on political agendas and dealing with politicians with their agendas, I need, those most in need, who need loving and caring activities now, not later. I have had a lot more passion lately because of the increased joy these activities bring. So many I have talked to are so happy to hear and see that I am going back to Memorial Park and in turn the downtown area as well. A smile and a hug can really turn someone's day around, a simple friendly chat can make the day a little more bearable. 

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