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Sometimes you have to accept a few little steps forward but be sure to always move forward no matter how small. I used to walk 7 KM in about 30-40 minutes, now I have to take a break every few minutes and had to start out by just walking outside with my wife's assistance to take the dogs out for their washroom breaks. I can currently walk around the block and I will one day again be able to walk 7 KM!
Most of my efforts are for my own health and wellness, I am still doing what I can when I can it is part of who I am. You will find that I am cutting out most of the things that cause negativity, and stress in my life! I am focusing on love, and compassion, this is what will help me through the challenging times ahead and will bring me back to my full health and joy-full happiness. I will continue with my journey of love and compassion for all, my struggles will bring me new insights and discoveries about life. I have learned so much, and will continue to learn, evolve and seek out more about love! 
I will continue to share love and compassion for all, that is a simple truth and always has been. It is not just words to talk about but your actions must align with the words spoken. Even when you are in struggling times, love and compassion will still bring happiness and joy! Follow and seek out others with a loving and compassionate attitude, surround yourself with more love and in turn will bring more love to you. 
I know that I still have a lot of struggles ahead of me, I will be challenged and pushed, and I will continue to create more love and caring for all!
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