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10257818677?profile=RESIZE_400x I was so looking forward to the weather improving, I thought that I would be doing this at CAMP and the downtown area a couple of days a week. With the city choosing not to renew our permit, back to basics I go and head to Memorial Park and the downtown area.

One of the few things I can do is to sit and chat and give a hug or two.

LIFE Rally Oshawa 5+ years before the pandemic used to go to Memorial Park every Sunday from 1-3 pm and rally together in love, caring and compassion. Many will remember me with my free hugs signs, well I now have a t-shirt or two and will be spreading the messages of love for all. Does anyone need a hug, there is power in a hug, it can lift spirits and bring joy and happiness, I love sharing a hug or two?

I may not be able to do a full 2 hours but I am sure that I can handle 1 hour or so. Until we know what is happening with CAMP, I have decided to start regardless of what happens with CAMP and today is no better time to start. If CAMP returns then of course I will be back at CAMP and the downtown area. 

I will not stop spreading love and compassion, I firmly believe that love is for everyone, everyone deserves to feel love in their life. You may have food/clothing/necessities but that is survival and you need love to sustain a happy and healthy life! I have witnessed many times that a simple hug can save a life, sometimes the simplest things can have the most profound impact. A loving hug is shared, it impacts both parties and can create unexpected results. 

Join me in my journey to create more love, we need more love in our lives, the more love you create the more love you find. 

I will be formalizing and posting the events soon but this Sunday and next I will just be posting here!


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