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FREE Hugs And Sandwiches Saves Lives

There is power in a hug! A powerfully uplifting feeling giving/recieving a hug. 

A simple hug can save a life, we are social creatures by nature & there are many who will try to deny it but the reality is that we all need human contact that is caring & compassionate. It is one of the methods we can show love towards another, unconditional & without expectations, a simple hug!

I have been a part of an amazing group of people for over 4 years now, we provide free sandwiches/water/hugs & conversation. It has grown to include donated items & other community groups bringing hot food on occassions. We have & hold signs with positive affirmations along the roadside where we are with my favorite being FREE Hugs. On many occassions we have people that will pull over to just get a free hug & there are a few that come to just get a hug & hang out for a little while. 

Over the years I have hugged thousands of people from all walks of life, from a quick half embrace to a long, long full embrace that lasted minutes. Sometimes there has been a lot of emotions that start to be released with a hug, ending with both of us wiping away a tear or two. I am often stopped when walking downtown for a hug, it is common knoledge that I will not turn down a hug when requested & they joyfully request their uplifting embrace. 

We all have the power to spread more love & joy into the world, a simple hug freely given to another unconditionally. 


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