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10480334267?profile=RESIZE_400x It has been a real joy, not only have I had to learn how to use my camera again but found out that I have to learn some of the software I use to use for images! This really has slowed down some of the efforts I have been working on! I continue to learn more with my camera, one of the great things lately is that all the walking is paying off as I am getting much stronger and able to spend more time outdoors which allows me to rediscover my joy of taking pics and now adding a little photo editing. Before I had my stroke I had spent time learning more about photo editing and wanted to work on some projects, now I am learning it all over again. At first, I was a little frustrated about things, but that only lasted a short time as I jumped back into things. 


The result is the joy and happiness of learning, the creativity that learning new things brings about! I am having an amazing time with my camera and working on starting a few projects with photo editing.

 I have already earmarked a couple of pics I have recently taken and saved them for the projects once I have completed learning the tools needed. 

I am going to get back into networking very soon, I have a lot of plans that the stroke had put on hold and things are moving forward again. A lot of activities are mixed together to become a cohesive network each working together. It is a time to expand the networking activities and to create more benefits for our community. I have a lot of confidence coming back, learning to walk, learning to talk, and so many things still to learn again but I am looking forward to the joy of discovering all the little things again!

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