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10258665699?profile=RESIZE_400xI have never liked politics, too much corruption!
I try to do the right thing, to guide my actions with love and compassion for all! Dealing with politicians and politics can be stressful, I do not need that, what I need is more love, more actions based on love and compassion.
There are a great many that like to deal with politics, I will support those doing the right things and do what I do best, providing loving and compassionate activities. I need to leave the stress and negativity behind and focus on positive activities. I need to do this for my health, so I can continue to heal and become stronger mentally and physically. It has been a real struggle, it continues to be a struggle every day. Through my struggles, I learn the good/bad, I discover the good/bad, I have setbacks, and I will always pick myself up again and learn, after all, it is a journey of love and life. 
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