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10278551472?profile=RESIZE_180x180I had started this idea a while ago and was working toward this when July 25 2021 I had a stroke that put a stop to this effort. I am now back at it and moving forward. I am looking forward to this spring, flowers and butterflies, I can get lost for hours with my camera and share the beauty I find.

10278711252?profile=RESIZE_180x180I have been told that I should frame and sell my pictures, I was in the process of doing just that when I had my stroke. I was looking forward to spending time chasing butterflies, with my new camera really seeing what I could do with the images captured. I had saved up for a couple of years to get this new camera and was just starting the discovery of this new camera. I liked what I was seeing and butterfly season was just starting. I had printed a few 4x6 and 8x10 to see how well the images were showing and getting ready to head out to get pictures specially for 16x20 and 24x36 prints. As spring approaches I will be spending a lot of time learning the capability of my camera and sharing all the amazing beauty I will find. I will be putting some of the images into frames and selling them. I will be selling these as part of the fundraising efforts found within the LIFE Community Project. 


In the coming days, I will be working with some local businesses to display the framed images! You will also find some promotional information about the fundraising efforts to help fund free clothing and necessities for those most in need. How to purchase the framed images both at the businesses and the online fundraising that has started for the LIFE Community Project.

I will be taking this a little further seeking out local artists that would like to promote their art and assist with fundraising efforts. Working with the Just Oshawa network, the artwork will see regular promotions across the different social networks that Just Oshawa has. 

I have setbacks but I will always find a way, things may change a little in the process but I will never give up. I have some amazing long-term goals and I am still just getting started. I work from a place of love, through love in its many beautiful forms I discover more and more about the great joy and happiness it brings. Through love, I have discovered a lot about acceptance, and acceptance of others. It has helped me to accept changes that have affected me and created a greater understanding. With more changes come more understanding, one that allows you to continue to move forward in adversity and challenges, helping to build a growing strength as you continue your journey. 

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