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Trying A New Way To Assist Those Most In Need!


There are a lot of things I have learned over the years assisting those most in need. We are losing our love & compassion in exchange for efficiency. I am going back to basics, taking what I have learned & my journey in love & compassion for all! I am starting to build from scratch again so to speak. With a network designed with love & compassion for all, a focus on treating each individual with love, compassion and understanding. 

We have long lines that are increasing for assistance, the individual is being lost in the crowds, loneliness is taking over to despair. I am starting over, 1 individual at a time building one relationship at a time. Providing resources to assist in this way will create a greater loving & compassionate experience for all! 

I have been told that I can not help everyone, what I can do is assist 1 person at a time! I am not alone with others that do what they can to assist others. Some of the biggest issues come from a lack of resources on hand, in a lot of cases the person goes without, this can change if we have regular access to resources to assist with.  

I am starting to build with others that would like to join me in this journey, creating resources together, to assist those most in need. Assisting 1 individual at a time and together we can achieve amazing results. Those wanting to join me on this journey can come from existing organizations, churches, or individuals that just want to do a little more to help others. It only takes a desire for compassion & understanding, we will work together and share our love to assist for the benefit of the communities we live, work & play within.

As we grow we will see reduced waste allowing us to do more with less. Changing the attitude of having to take everything given, we need to change their fear of doing without that drives this attitude. Building a relationship to create an attitude of caring, having an individual that cares about them, supported in turn by others that are loving, caring & compassionate that can understand them. Individuals gravitate towards those with lived experience, understanding the judgement through the experience. It is clear that a recovering addict can relate to the addict, their needs, feeling and how best to respond to the addict with love, compassion and understanding. It is the little differences that can make the difference, the difference of an individual accepting assistance, making a better choice or in turn, choosing life! Every life is worth it, everyone deserves love, to be loved! 

You can still love an individual and disagree with their choices/actions, you may not understand their choices but you can be compassionate towards them. Unless you have walked in their shoes you should not be judging them, not judging someone can be one of the hardest things to do, it is not our job to judge but to provide love to all! 

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