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10266554888?profile=RESIZE_180x180As I realign with loving and compassionate activities, part of my efforts is to bring new and improved methods to assist those most in need. As part of this, I have been working with groups/businesses in Oshawa to help create zero-waste products and services within the LIFE efforts.

Working with individuals, through our LIFE Community Partners, those in need can get refills for regularly used items, helping to reduce waste while helping the environment. This will also help to reduce garbage within our community as these products used are returned for a refill rather than discarded within the community or greatly reduced packaging. 

As part of the efforts, many within our community have allergies so some products are forced to put up with the side effects of using these products. There are also many that are vegan, making it difficult to find products they can use and in most cases go without creating further hardships. 

Again we see most organizations/groups work within efficiencies to assist the most number of individuals. The individual is lost but as we build more & more LIFE Community Partners we will work 1 on 1 with those most in need. Building relationships that will see ongoing support with the needs and issues being addressed. We may not be able to help everyone but we can assist a couple of individuals in need. Working together with love and compassion for all, building resources and with fundraising efforts we can assist and make a difference 1 person at a time.

I have already started events that will create connections for those most in need and individuals that would like to assist with our efforts. We have fundraising opportunities that directly support local small businesses. I love being back on the street, visiting and chatting downtown and around Memorial Park, a lot of hugs are being given and received with this as well. It feels great and I know that I am following the right path forward, continuing on my journey of love and life.  

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