You will need to be a registered Community Partner to access the Free Necessities. This ensures that abuse is reduced and those most in need are the ones able to benefit from this program. You can also find a list of necessities that we are participating in zero-waste products and services to help make a greater difference in our community!

Community Partner

Women's Deodorant

Women's Deodorant

Through our weekly events, we provide free clothing/necessities for those most in need! Many of the individuals we assist are struggling to purchase the basic necessities due to the high cost of rent/food!

Through our activities not only are we helping to save a few dollars each month for individuals, but we are also actually creating an opportunity to reduce the amount of waste that is associated with Care Packages that many people distribute to those most in need. 

We have proven and seen a reduction of items taken by individuals in need with consistent & regular distribution events. We now work 1 on 1 with individuals in need knowing that they can get what they need before running out. Once connected with a LIFE Community Partner, a way of working 1 on 1 will create an opportunity to assist with items before they become desperate for needed items. This will also prevent the need to wait in long line-ups and will create opportunities for conversations and increased privacy. 

Working privately 1 on 1 will also help us seek out donations for various items that are not regularly part of our lists and to help with seeking clothing for the Online Free Clothing Initiative, focusing on needed items rather than just taking in large quantities and focusing on quality. 

You will find that we will post the latest items needed & updated weekly, when on the website you can select a category to see a full list of our needed item stock levels.

You can help make a difference, participate in our fundraising efforts, donate needed items, you can see what Stock Is Needed, or accept monetary donations. When we receive monetary donations we purchase the most needed items to replenish our stock. We do encourage you to participate in the fundraising efforts as all our fundraising also supports local small businesses.


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