Love is unconditional, reaching out & making a difference without expectations other than helping is the goal of the LOVE projects. 

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95044528?profile=RESIZE_710xWe have watched for many years, the housing available for the homeless become almost non-existant! We have been working on a solution to this ever growing issue.

If you wish to become a part of our team to help bring actual housing to those that are homeless, please fill out our form & we will get back to you, Click Here!

We will share specific details with our teams, we are going to bring this to all our communities as we expand this initiative we are launching.

The basics, we have to start small & only a few spaces(10) & expand from there (some is better than nothing). We are going to house the homeless individual, provide them with free food/clothing/necessities. Our assistance will not stop there, we will be working with the individual to address the issues that created the situation, we will continue to work with the individual through the process of  becoming a productive member of society again. This can be a short time or it can be many months but we are not putting time limits on our assistance. Our assistance is with love, compassion & understanding. That each individual has the right to be loved, have love in their life. Becoming homeless has a tremendous impact on an individuals ability to love themselves, self esteem takes time to build & we are going to be there with them & for them. It is part of their transition to having a life filled with love!

We have created a group (must be a member of this site to see/visit) specific to launching & running this Love Project, you can visit here to learn a little more. Only those that are invited into the group will be permitted to see the majority of the content of the group.

For those that are not a member of the LIFE - Love Is For Everyone network, you will need to join in order to be a part of the Transitional Housing For The Homeless team. If you are not a member you can join here!



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LIFE Rally

3752896197?profile=RESIZE_710xDiscover some amazing events that are part of the LIFE Community Project!

The LIFE Community Project provides another opportunity for the general public to directly participate in our efforts to Reduce/Reuse/Recycle in a way that will directly help those most in need within the community.

The LIFE Community Project gathers/stores necessities/clothing & then gives it to those most in need within our community all for free! We have a growing network of caring & loving people that are helping gather donations. Visit the individual community group's Need It or Leave It tabs to see the latest items needed by those most in need or items individuals have that they would like to see go to a person in need. We also have a growing network of local drop off locations for specific items we are seeking to help those most in need, see the maps for individual community networks. We believe that what is given for free is in turn given away for free, never sold for profit, no one should go without the basic necessities of life.

LIFE Rally Events

LIFE Rally events are a safe, caring & loving environment for all, without judgment. These events are about 2 hours in duration. They are held at the same time/place each week. The locations will be posted within the community networks & promoted through print/web/social networks. We provide a sandwich/water & fruit while supplies last to anyone & everyone, you will also find clothing being given away along with necessities. During the events, we will be taking requests for needed items that we will seek out for those in need. One of the amazing parts of our events, a social aspect, we have signs of positive affirmations & free hugs. You can discover the amazing benefits of giving/receiving hugs, it is uplifting not only for those receiving but giving as well. This can create some very intense emotional moments as we are social creatures by nature & those that have been without social contact for some time can become emotional.


Have any questions you can contact John E Walker!

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FIFE - Food Is For Everyone

3910888938?profile=RESIZE_180x180FIFE - Food Is For Everyone

  1. Provide free food to those most in need within our communities.
  2. Provide healthier options to include more fruits/vegetables within the diets of those most in need.

You will find that not only will FIFE provide more & more free food to those most in need within our communities but also provide direct support of local small businesses. Please discover more about how, together we are going to create a movement to help more & more, those most in need within our communities.

Food Is For Everyone is a LOVE project within the LIFE Community Network.

We have 2 sections within the project.

  • The Pay It Forward Meals
  • The Vegetable & Fruit Share 

Pay It Forward Meals

Through the participation of local restaurants, we will be providing free meals to those most in need. With a focused effort, together we will seek others to join the effort & see more & more food provided to those most in need within our communities.

Within each community network within the Just Community Networks website, you will find a FIFE section listing participating restaurants. Each of the participating restaurants will have a FIFE Poster, a promotional poster that contains details of the meal & price, a section on the poster for customers to initial when a meal is purchased by the customers. Each poster also contains amazing business sponsors & 15% of their sponsorship buys meals for those most in need each month.

Each month meals purchased for the project will be delivered to those most in need within the community through the LIFE Community Project!

The meal selection will focus on healthier options from the restaurant, our goal is to provide more fruits/vegetables in the diet of those most in need.

Vegetable & Fruit Share

Through individuals within the network sponsoring the Vegetable & Fruit Share, ongoing funding can be achieved. The LIFE Community Project will pair individuals & families in need with those participating in the project. We will be posting more details in the near future with the hope to have the first phase in the Oshawa network started early in the New Year. To assist with funding 15% of the amazing business sponsors from the Pay It Forward Meals will directly support the Vegetable & Fruit Share!

This is an ambitious project & we welcome those who would like to help, to discover more ways to be involved please contact the community network admin who can help answer questions.

During the initial start, FIFE will work directly with the LIFE Community Project to seek out those most in need & ensure they are the first assisted with the project.

We have some amazing things planned for FIFE but will be launching with the FIFE Posters within the community to start.


Please contact HERE for more info!

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LIFE - Community Project

1768436262?profile=RESIZE_710xLIFE - Community Project:

  1. Gather, sort new/used clothing & necessities
  2. Provide free clothing & necessities to those most in need
  3. Through FIFE - Food Is For Everyone provide more free food 

We will actively seek out local businesses that would like to participate in drop off locations for various items, some drop off sites will focus on feminine hygiene products while others will focus on grooming supplies. Some locations will deal with new/used clothing. The items will be stored & donated to those most in need.

Join us in our efforts to help those most in need within our communities!

  • We have launched some great fundraising efforts that will also award LIFE/LOVE Points to those helping with these efforts to help create sustainability for the project!
  • We have secured storage space & have started to seek out donation drop off locations & hosting LIFE Community Social Events to sort & catalogue donated items. 
  • We are launching our Need It Tab within the community networks that will include the option to build custom care packages for those most in need. This will see less waste of items, those in need can request the items they actually need rather than accepting a care package that contains items they necessarily don't need & toss away. With less waste we can in turn help more with the same amounts.
  • We will need help with moderating the network pages & helping raise awareness of these new support options for those most in need within our communities.

Soon we will be launching the FIFE - Food Is For Everyone Project, providing free food to those most in need that will work hand in hand with the LIFE Community Project. The FIFE Project will also focus on healthier options for providing food, more fruits/vegetables added to the diets of those most in need!

What a great project, not only will we together be helping those most in need within our community with free clothing/necessities/food but we will also be providing free promotion for local small businesses & raising awareness of amazing local causes.

Need It/Leave It


1575670558?profile=RESIZE_180x180We have started to create on this network for each community network, a Need It section. You will be able to see postings about specific needs for those most in need within our community. We are using a growing network of caring & loving people within our community to help seek out needed items that can be dropped off at one of the listed LIFE Community Drop Off Locations. Through your participation we will be able to provide more assistance to those most in need within our community.

The Leave It section, you will be able to post a description of item/s you have to give away to someone in need, pick up or drop off information for the item/s. The first 7 days of the post, we ask that you only accept pick up or drop off of the items that have been authorized by one of our community administraitors. This is being done so that we can ensure that those most in need have the first option to access the items before the general public can access the item/s. Our goal is to try & reduce the abuse of our efforts (there will be some that will take the items only to turn around & sell for $), provide as much assistance to those most in need first but also be of a benefit to those who may not be in despirate need. 

If you would like info feel free to contact us HERE!

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