Love is unconditional, reaching out & making a difference without expectations other than helping is the goal of the LOVE projects. 

95044528?profile=RESIZE_710xWe have watched for many years, the housing available for the homeless become almost non-existant! We have been working on a solution to this ever growing issue.

If you wish to become a part of our team to help bring actual housing to those that are homeless, please fill out our form & we will get back to you, Click Here!

We will share specific details with our teams, we are going to bring this to all our communities as we expand this initiative we are launching.

The basics, we have to start small & only a few spaces(10) & expand from there (some is better than nothing). We are going to house the homeless individual, provide them with free food/clothing/necessities. Our assistance will not stop there, we will be working with the individual to address the issues that created the situation, we will continue to work with the individual through the process of  becoming a productive member of society again. This can be a short time or it can be many months but we are not putting time limits on our assistance. Our assistance is with love, compassion & understanding. That each individual has the right to be loved, have love in their life. Becoming homeless has a tremendous impact on an individuals ability to love themselves, self esteem takes time to build & we are going to be there with them & for them. It is part of their transition to having a life filled with love!

We have created a group (must be a member of this site to see/visit) specific to launching & running this Love Project, you can visit here to learn a little more. Only those that are invited into the group will be permitted to see the majority of the content of the group.

For those that are not a member of the LIFE - Love Is For Everyone network, you will need to join in order to be a part of the Transitional Housing For The Homeless team. If you are not a member you can join here!



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